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da lame da x tulis dlm blog nie...da bersawang da...kdg2 blog nie da jd cm diari x rasmi bukan sume ak tulis dlm nie..saje tmpt tuk meluahkan something yg terbuku..

hmm msuk nie da 5 bulan da...feels like really in luv..thn nie dpt raye same2 ngan die..hehe baju kami same warna...wink2 jgn jeles...

for the first time...i'm having someone special besides me..all the time...text me everyday..wake me up every morning..wish me gud nite..gud morning..says i luv u all the time..makes me so happy!!really thankful to Allah coz open my heart to him..hopefully he is the one..never lie to me..never cheat on me..never play around me..never had other WOMAN...never says "sy da tersuka org lain"..never!!

me n u...we have the same experience...being cheated from the loves one..i hope u know the pain...i hope we don't make the pain..i luv u..n i hope we will be together..wait for me dear...

jd sempena itu sy mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN...hehe bubye


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ice breaking

sume nie ak ngarut2 je..x kisah la korang mau ckp ape asalkn kite happy2 k!!!


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